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Civil War Relics and other military items that have just come in!

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 Artillery Projectiles & Equipment: Shot & Shell, frags, fuses, implements

 Buckles & Plates: Union & Confederate Buckles, Box Plates, Eagle Plates & More

 Bullets & Cartridges: Dug and Non-Dug

 Buttons - Confederate: Dug and Non-Dug

 Buttons - Union: Dug and Non-Dug

 Corps Badges & Insignia: Dug and Non-Dug

 Currency, Coins and Tokens: Confederate, Fractional, Obsolete, and State Notes; Coins; Sutler Tokens, Patriotic Tokens, Chits and Advertising

 Indian Wars: 1866-1890 relics and documents

 Miscellaneous Excavated Items: Dug Artifacts from Civil War Sites

 Miscellaneous Military or Related Items: Miscellaneous Military relics and documents

 Miscellaneous Non-Excavated Items: Leather, Cloth, etc.

 Paper (Autographs, Ephemera, Soldier Letters): Union and Confederate

 Photography and Other Images: Civil War CDV's, Hard Images, Engravings

 Reference Books: For Collectors and Historians

 Regimentals and Other Rare Books: 

 Revolutionary War & Colonial America: Revolutionary War & Colonial America Relics and Documents

 Veterans Items: GAR and UCV

 Weapons & Accessories (Excavated & Non-excavated): Guns, Swords, Knives, tools, etc.