Civil War Dealers -- 2 Very Special Friends

Museum Quality Americana
My brother in law, Cal Packard, has been dealing in Civil War and other militaria for better than 40 years! He is now selling some of the most amazing documents, images and other items you will ever see. Please check out his site!
By the way, in case you were wondering -- Cal's daughter -- my niece, Sarah -- is his business manager and the nicest person you will ever deal with. (She gets her good looks from her Uncle, not her Dad!)

Virginia Civil War Relics

VCWR is owned by one of my dearest friends in the hobby, Plez Bagby. I've so enjoyed spending time with him at shows and swapping ideas about relics and business in between shows.
No one has more honor or integrity in this business. And he has an extremely discerning eye for quality. My highest recommendation!

Civil War Paper Dealers

Brian & Maria Green, Inc. Civil War Signatures
Brian and Maria Green

Patricia A. Kaufmann, Philatelic Consultant
Trish Kaufmann

Civil War Relic Dealers and Other Good Friends...

The Historical Shop
Cary & Margaret Delery

Tennessee Lead
Ken Price

Arsenal Artifacts
Howard Alligood

Hampton Road Relics
Brian Lown

Medhurst and Company
Mike Medhurst

American Civil War Relics
Ian Workman

Collector's Frame
Jim Bruns

Civil War Preservations
Kevin Hoffman

Army of Tennessee Art and Artifacts
Nick Peruit

War Between The States Memorabilia
Len Rosa

Civil War Shot and Shell Relics
Christopher Harwick

Fort Donelson Civil War Relics
John and Nikki Walsh

Franklin Relics
Bruce Hohler

Corinth Civil War Relics
Brant and Christy Arnold

The Veteran's Attic
Vann Martin

Civil War Badges
Everitt Bowles

Relics of History
David K. Parks

Arizona Swords
Dave LaSlavic

J.S. Mosby's Antiques and Artifacts
Steve Sylvia

149th Bucktails Online
Tom Fultz

Rebel Relics
Brian Akins

Trans-Mississippi Artifacts
Skip Mayorga

Keemakoo's Antiques & Civil War Relics
Jim Dews

North Carolina Relics
Allen Gaskins

North Georgia Civil War Relics
Don Dodson

C.S. Relics
Charles Stafford

The Civil War Trader
Ed Jones

The Bowling Green Drummer
Herman Kinder

Stone's River Trading Company
Tom Hays

Volunteer Relics
Russ Hayes

Shotwell's Antiques
Olin Shotwell

Shiloh Relics
Rafael Eledge

College Hill Arsenal
Tim Prince

Robert Coli's Civil War Relic Room
Robert Coli

Bull Run Relics
John Embrey

Sgt. Riker's Civil War Relics
Ran Hundley

Powhatan Station
Bobby Manuel

Adolphus Confederate Uniforms
Frederick Adolphus

Old Rebellion Relics
Dave and Melissa Gerber

C.S. Arms
Cliff Sophia

The Civil War Horse
Rick Hartt

Old Militaria
Robert Simmons

The Civil War Relicman
Harry Ridgeway

Battery One Relics
Daniel Moody

Brent's Antiques
Brent Smith: Emphasis on great WW 2 Items

Frohne & Son
Perry and Nathan Frohne

Middle Tennessee Civil War Relics
Larry Hicklen

Reunion Civil War Antiques
Earl Robinson

Bullet and Shell
Mike Ward

Campsite Artifacts
Stephen Burgess

War of the Rebellion Images and Paper
Steve Meadow

The Civil War Connection
Dan Patterson

Champion Hill Relics
John Spicer

Port Hudson Civil War Relics
Keith Bauer

Florida Confederate
Richard Ferry

Facets of History
Pam Huskey

Picket Post
Bill Henderson and Tim Garrett

Iron Brigade Relics
From Indiana

War Torn Relics
Mark Hurley

Matt Lockard

Clubs and Organizations

Northern Virginia Relic Hunters Association
A terrific organization. NVRHA sponsors an annual Civil War show. For many years, it has been in Chantilly, Virginia but in 2009, it will move to Fredericksburg. Thanks to Bob Buttafuso, Karen Eubanks, John Graham, Mike Singer and all the wonderful folks at the NVRHA for being so helpful and encouraging over the years!

Display Cases, Metal Detectors & Supplies

Sgt. Riker's Displays
Ran Hundley

The Detector Source
For all your metal detecting needs...

Fakes, Frauds and Warnings

Civil War Fakes
It's unfortunate there is a need for a site like this. But it's a useful reference. The best thing you can do to protect yourself? Only buy artifacts from dealers, like me, who offer a lifetime guarantee for authenticity.

Workman Books
"Specializing in hard-to-find, out-of-print, and used references for the discerning collector of rare coins and fine militariaā€¯.

Union Army Uniforms and Insignia
Incredibly useful, online reference from the research of Dr. Howard Lanham.

Civil War Projectiles Forum
A superb, free resource for folks wanting to learn more about lead & iron.

Publications and Periodicals for Collectors

Man at Arms Books
Kim Mowbray

North-South Trader's Civil War Magazine
The only publication for collectors that is an absolute MUST.

Web Site Development and Management

Gray Cat Systems
I doubt there is a more clueless internet user than me. Yet Carson Jenkins and his team at Gray Cat Systems have made this business of owning and operating a commercial web site remarkably easy. I cannot say enough about the level of support, assistance and quality I have experienced in dealing with Gray Cat Systems. If you're thinking of setting up a web site to sell militaria, antiques, books or just to display your collection...Gray Cat is the way to go. Thanks Carson, for everything you have done!