At this point in my life, I can only attend the two Civil War shows near my home; the September and April Greater Chicago Civil War Show in Wheaton. My hope is to finish my Masters and possibly add Nashville/Franklin and the Ohio Civil War Show in Mansfield in the future. But that is at least a year away and perhaps more.
This is why -- more than ever -- I am depending on my friends all over the country to let me know what they have for sale. For me, shows are usually about buying because I do 90% of my selling right here online. So please let me know what you have to sell or consign. I am interested in all American military items but especially Civil War buttons, buckles, relic weapons, guns, bullets and paper items like letters, envelopes and anything colorful. Dug and Nondug artifacts are sought.
A note to my fellow dealers and collectors from the Virginia shows: I miss you guys more than you could know. I have not forgotten you and and sincerely miss your jokes, your friendly greetings and the many cool relics you've brought to me over the years. Drop me a line sometime if you have something you know I might like for my collection or re-sale.
Thanks everyone. And if you're ever in the Chicago area for the Wheaton shows in April and September, look me up. Those are good shows.