About Jim Stanley's Civil War Relics & Documents (cwartifax.com)

I buy, collect and sell Civil War relics and paper!

My specialty includes excavated and non-excavated buttons & plates, excavated pistols & swords, ID's and corps badges, superb images, great-content soldier letters and other unique, rare & colorful paper.

I have been collecting Civil War material since I was 12, or since 1978. I am on the board of the Civil War Dealers and Collectors Association and am a member of the Company of Military Historians. I can cheerfully provide references or additional information about me upon request.

I'm very happy to go shopping for you. If there is an item you are serious about buying, and I don't have it, ask anyway. I may be able to find it for you. Send me your "want" lists! Some people email me every few months just to remind me they are looking for a particular item, regiment or whatever. I don't mind! It helps keep your interests foremost in my mind!

Need cash??
Please keep me in mind when selling single items or collections. I pay extremely fair dealer prices and am particularly keen to acquire top quality buttons and plates, dug or nondug! And remember that I accept consignment items -- my commission is extremely low on very high end items!

TO CONTACT ME: Email (cwartifax@gmail.com) is the best way to reach me. You're welcome to call 1-331-223-1494 to place an order as well. I cannot, under any circumstances, do appraisals over the phone.