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CDV of Gettysburg Commander George G. Meade
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CDV of Gettysburg Commander George G. Meade
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Very nice engraving-style CDV of Gettysburg commander George Gordon Meade. The image is in excellent condition with just the tiniest stain on the left of the carte, not affecting the image at all. If this carte has been trimmed, it is almost imperceptible. Blank back, aside from a period pencil ID. This is not a "from-life" image. But bear in mind that a from-life photo of General Meade...who is very, very common...will usually run about a hundred bucks. And he can fetch much more if it's a Brady or an unusual pose. This is an engraving original to the Civil War period and it would be an ideal accent or compliment to a Meade autograph, letter or even a framed Gettysburg relic of some sort.
General Meade is, of course, best known for his victory over Robert E. Lee at Gettysburg. But his service to our country certainly extends beyond that. He fought in both the Seminole and Mexican Wars. He was instrumental in the construction of coastal defenses before the Civil War. And during the war, he sustained a severe battle wound at Glendale (or "Frayser's Farm"), Virginia in 1862. He was instrumental in the Union victory at South Mountain, Maryland in September of '62. He was also wounded in action at the battle of Antietam, a few days after South Mountain. In the Union disaster at Fredericksburg, Meade's men were among the few federal troops to have any success. His Gettysburg record is well known, of course. And after that decisive battle, he commanded with a mostly effective ability...with the exception of some tactical errors at Cold Harbor and Petersburg.
If you are collecting images of Civil War generals, Meade is certainly a "must".


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