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Crisp CDV of Fort Sumter General Robert Anderson
Item #: JMS-882
Crisp CDV of Fort Sumter General Robert Anderson Crisp CDV of Fort Sumter General Robert Anderson
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This great image is from life and features the ill-fated Fort Sumter hero, Robert Anderson. The carte is in VG condition with no clips, creases or stains. There has been some trimming of the edges, quite possibly done at or shortly after manufacture. Often, 19th century collectors wanted to fit these into particular frames or albums and so you find them trimmed from time to time. This one still retains an even gold border and sharp corners. There is a period "Appleton" backmark. This is a very nice waist-up view of the famous General.

Robert Anderson's military career was a long one. He was wounded in battle during the Mexican War at Molino Del Rey...a battle featuring Generals named Winfield Scott, Ulysses S. Grant and Franklin Pierce! Despite his Kentucky roots and status as a slaveholder, Anderson supported the Union cause in the Civil War and commanded Union forces in the vicinity of Charleston, South Carolina at the outbreak of hostilities. When Anderson moved his garrison from Fort Moultrie to Fort Sumter, he came under an artillery barrage ordered by Confederate General P.G.T. Beauregard. Amusingly, Beauregard was Anderson's pupil at West Point. (I hope my current professors take note of this little historical tidbit!)

After Fort Sumter, Major Anderson was immediately promoted to Brigadier General and became one of the North's most famous heroes. He retired from military duty in 1863, ostensibly due to poor health. Anderson died in France in 1871 but is buried in West Point Cemetery. We also have for sale a stereoview image of Anderson's grave site. You might want to purchase both because they would make a delightfully frameable set!

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