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World War One Doughboy's Letter -- Somewhere Over Sea
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World War One Doughboy's Letter -- Somewhere Over Sea World War One Doughboy's Letter -- Somewhere Over Sea World War One Doughboy's Letter -- Somewhere Over Sea
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Private Jesse Warner, the young doughboy who wrote this letter was definitely "over there" -- in fact, he had just gotten "there" -- and was writing to his sister back home. In it, among other things, he tells her how lucky he feels not to have encountered any German subs en route to France. Warner says he can't say how many days the journey took (for reasons of security, obviously) and that he and his buddies played checkers most of the way. He says there were "motion pictures" every night! Being a movie buff, I'd love to know what sort of pictures were shown to the doughboys in 1917! Silent, for sure. More delightful content from an obviously loving, younger brother who has just arrived in some French port but is yet to disembark. The letter is 2 pages front and back. It's in pencil and in good condition. Cover has been reduced at right due to opening but this is to be expected. What sister wouldn't be excited to hear from her baby brother in France?
Private Jesse Warner signs the letter, "Jesse -- Co. B -- 334th Inf. American Expeditionary Forces". He writes "Private Jesse Warner" at the top of the cover, above the YMCA logo. I have not researched this lad but I would venture to guess he was 17 or 18 based on the letter's content. He tells his big sister he wishes he could be there to help her with her algebra! But it is clear from the letter that he is her little brother.
Stamped on the original cover is "HELD UNTIL SAFE ARRIVAL OF STEAMER; THEN MAILED, CENSOR". A wonderful marking!
Great YMCA cover and paper with desirable "Military Post Office" and eagle cancel under the "soldier's mail" frank.
Given what Civil War letters are bringing these days and the fact that the World War One centennial will soon be upon us, this would be a smart and inexpensive investment. Best of all, this is from a soldier who was sent over to fight. The majority of World War One letters you see for sale are written by fellows who were sent over after the Armistice to help with the occupation. I'd sure love to know what happened to Private Warner!


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