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Scarce Patriotic Advertising Coin or Token Honoring Admiral Dewey
Item #: JMS-975
Scarce Patriotic Advertising Coin or Token Honoring Admiral Dewey Scarce Patriotic Advertising Coin or Token Honoring Admiral Dewey
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This cool token was issued by "Kirkman's Borax Soap Company" in 1899, as a means of capitalizing on patriotic fervor over the victories of Admiral George Dewey in the Spanish American War. Dewey's conquest of the Spanish fleet in Manila Bay was regarded, at the time, as one of the great military victories in American history and heralded the entrance of the United States on the world stage as an empire-building naval power on par with the best.
It had been quite common in the 19th century to use coin-style tokens to advertise for businesses, services or causes and frequently, these applications were combined as is the case here. American patriotism and good old Borax Soap. What more could one ask? Just remember to wash behind your ears, too!
The condition of the coin/token is quite fine. It is a crisp strike with tons of gilt remaining and just enough wear to establish its age and authenticity. A hole has been punched in the top for obvious use as a medal. It's well worth the asking price sheerly as a piece of advertising Americana. For you Span Am collectors, it would display brilliantly with a nice photo of Dewey or his flagship and perhaps a period image depicting the battle of Manila Bay.
This item about 1 inch in diameter...maybe just a shade more. It can be shipped to you for less than a dollar if you want to go the economy route!


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