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Extremely Rare, Out of Print Handbook to Albert's Button Book
Item #: JMS-566
Extremely Rare, Out of Print Handbook to Albert's Button Book
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This 83 page, soft-bound volume is the work of my friend, Dan Binder. There are probably four or five people in the entire field who are considered experts on Civil War buttons and Dan is definitely one of them. He rightly recognized that the well-loved Albert's button reference was riddled with flaws (through no fault of Mr. Albert; it was simply the fact that since he published his seminal work, much new information came to light). It was also clear that Mr. Albert was writing a general work on all American military buttons and not particularly focusing on Civil War buttons.

A companion piece was needed and in 1993, Dan published this invaluable reference. I should also note that "Publisher's Press" and world-class editor Nancy Dearing-Rossbacher assisted with design, typography and graphics. If you read North-South Trader's Civil War magazine, then you are well-familiar with Nancy's excellence and professionalism.

Go ahead and search for this book. Look on eBay, Amazon, Alibris and Abe Books. As of 10-07-17, you will find just one copy for sale. It's on Abe Books and the asking price is $143.00. On the rare occasions when I have seen it available, it's usually right there in the $125-$150 range. When these Civil War reference books go out of print -- Tice's button book, Campbell & O'Donnell on belt plates or Riling's Powder Flask book -- prices go up astronomically.

I don't need to squeeze anyone here like the guy on Abe Books. This can be yours for $90.00, plus shipping. The book is in excellent condition. And it is autographed by the author.


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