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Very Nice "Steele & Johnson" New York State Seal Coat Button
Item #: JMS-555
Very Nice Very Nice
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Pay no attention to the dog hair in the photos! (This is one of many reasons I call our beagle-terrier a beagle-terrorist!)

Okay, on to the relic. This NY button is coat size, non-dug and in very sound condition. As you look at the front, it appears that some gray is showing where the dome meets the rim. This is because Steele & Johnson was a truly awful manufacturer. What you see is how the button came off the pre-industrial "assembly line". Often, S & J buttons are rather loose and the dome will turn. This is NOT the case with this example. So at least they did a good job on that score.

The backmark is crisp and the shank is straight. If you collect buttons, it might be educational to have an example of a Steele & Johnson button to demonstrate the variations in quality against a Scovill or some other well-made button.

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