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Nearly Perfect US Waist Belt Plate
Item #: JMS-513
Nearly Perfect US Waist Belt Plate Nearly Perfect US Waist Belt Plate
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This U.S. buckle has so much going for it. But first, let me explain what appears to be a discoloration covering the bottom quarter of the plate. Occasionally, a buckle will have been dug from a hole where another relic was lying on top of it. That may be the case here, as there appears to have been a transfer of some sort of substance. This is likely some sort of calcium or lime and it CAN be removed. More on that in a moment. It's also possible the plate was only partially buried and this small bit was exposed to fertilizer, pesticide or some other element. I really don't know.

There is a compound called CLR (Calcium, Lime & Rust remover) that a number of diggers tell me they have had success with. That could take this plate to the next level. On the other hand, a number of collectors feel "less is best" when it comes to restoration. I tend to fall into that camp, though I don't fault anyone for thinking differently. I will let the buyer decide how to proceed. But please -- never use Brasso and never take a dug plate and try to make the brass shine again! Heaven forbid! mad

So there you have it. Otherwise, this is a pretty much perfect plate. There's a small nick along the rim and the tongue is bent, but still very strong. I'm sorry I have no information as to where this was excavated.

The buckle came to me at a fair price, so I am not going to try and squeeze every last dollar out of it. All in all, this is a great price on a stud-hook style US buckle!

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