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Dug Burnside Cartridge in Need of Some TLC
Item #: JM-411
Dug Burnside Cartridge in Need of Some TLC Dug Burnside Cartridge in Need of Some TLC
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This cartridge is in the condition I bought it in. (It came in a large collection of Fredericksburg relics I recently acquired.) I don't do repairs but maybe you do? Or maybe not - I think it looks kinda cool just like it is. You can see a lot of powder still in the cartridge. The bullet and the cartridge have a lovely patina.

This was dug on private property, with permission, in Fredericksburg, Virginia. I have a perfect dug Burnside for sale at $65.00. So we'll price this at less than HALF that amount. I'll even include the small riker case I have this displayed in.

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