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Two Page Letter from WW 2 Aviator
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Two Page Letter from WW 2 Aviator
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This letter is dated March 17th, 1945 so it's still war-date. The 1945 is faintly visible on the postmarked cover. The author is Lt. John A. Herrmann, Jr. of the 27th Fighter Group in the 524th Fighter Squadron. He's writing to his folks back home in Cincinnati, Ohio. The letter is in pencil but it's very dark and Herrmann's handwriting is beautiful. He is in France and spends the first page to page & a half talking about some pictures of Rome he had developed. He wants to send them home, etc.

Herrmann does talk about having to fly through three levels of cloud cover and also having to bomb the enemy through the same dense mass of clouds. He speaks of his plans for getting to 100 missions and looks forward to coming home. The other content, while interesting, is mostly newsy or family stuff.

The envelope is with the letter and has been opened along the entire left and top.

While the content isn't earth-shattering, it IS a wardate letter from a pilot or bomber crew member who mentions bombing. So, at least SOME battle content. Best of all though - this is a World War Two letter that won't break the bank.

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