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Dug Springfield Musket Lockplate
Item #: JMS-372
Dug Springfield Musket Lockplate Dug Springfield Musket Lockplate
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At least, I presume it's a Springfield. Could've been a different contract, of course. And since it's rusted, we'll never know. But these are becoming quite popular to collect in dug condition. Some guys are opting to have one dug lock from each long-arm rather than trying to assemble a huge collection of dug muskets.

This one is clearly dug and not a barn-find. It is a perfect candidate for electrolysis, though I like my relics with that "just out of the ground" look. And this one has it! Metal is quite stable and there is only minimal flaking.

This is one of the nicer lock assemblies I've seen in awhile. It was metal-detected on private property, with permission, near the Fredericksburg battlefield.


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