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Most Butt-Ugly Eagle Plate Ever!
Item #: JMS-368
Most Butt-Ugly Eagle Plate Ever! Most Butt-Ugly Eagle Plate Ever!
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I am proud to own and to have sold some of the finest-condition dug and non-dug plates there are.

And then there's this one. (And I have a few more coming! LOL)

What can you say, what can you do? I think the epitaph on every relic dealer's tombstone will read, "It is what it is." This one is just in crappy condition but it does have a pretty emerald-green patina. Do make note that the digger used glue to attach part of the plate. I always do my best to disclose repairs on those few occasions when I sell a repaired item.

So why buy this when I have other PERFECT dug eagle plates? I don't know - maybe you have a display that could use something a little more "rough-looking". Or maybe you just need some brass to test the detector with.

This is a real "Charlie Brown Christmas Tree" but if any folks can make something special out of it, it would definitely be one of my awesome customers! (How's THAT for shameless pandering?)

This was metal-detected in the Fredericksburg-Falmouth area on private property.

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