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Pewter Two-Way Candlespike Relic
Item #: JMS-367
Pewter Two-Way Candlespike Relic Pewter Two-Way Candlespike Relic Pewter Two-Way Candlespike Relic
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I've had quite a few of the iron, single-spike candle holders for sale over the years. In fact, I think I still have one more nice one in stock.

This is only the second one of these I have ever owned. Same general principle -- the thing screwed either into a tree stump or into the side of a tree and a candle could be placed in it to provide a bit of light.

This particular relic is pewter and not iron. There is, of course, a fair amount of damage to the rim. But the cup and both screws are perfect. And there's still a decent portion of the rim. Pewter often doesn't do as well as other metals buried in the soil for 130+ years.

Fredericksburg, Virginia was the location from which this scarce item was excavated. It was found on private property. It's part of a large collection of dug relics (most from Fredericksburg) that I am listing for sale.

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