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Half-Perfect Savage Pistol Bullet...
Item #: JMS-337
Half-Perfect Savage Pistol Bullet...<br />  What a beauty! Half-Perfect Savage Pistol Bullet...<br />  Please turn me back over. Quick!
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I say "half perfect" because this dropped bullet is FLAWLESS...on one side. confuse But on the other, it appears it was glued to something...possibly a crude attempt at a display. I suspect it was glued to something iron. So, since I sell perfect Savages all day long for $12.00 to $15.00 here and at shows...we'll call this half-perfect bullet a $6.50 bargain.

Seriously, if all you need is one good display side, you can't do better than the good side of this bullet. And maybe you can clean up the bad side a little

The bullet was dug decades ago on a privately owned tract of land on or near the Mechanicsville, Va. battlefield. Mechanicsville was the first of the Seven Day's battles.

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