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HUGE Mortar Frag
Item #: JMS-326
HUGE Mortar Frag HUGE Mortar Frag HUGE Mortar Frag
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This is a monster. It measures a little over 5" across and just over 2" thick. It has obviously not been treated, cleaned or preserved. I have a huge bucket of artillery frags just sitting in the garage and am finally getting 'round to listing them.

I purchased them in the 1980's from the digger, Mr. Ed Stotler of Williamsport, Maryland. Ed told me he exclusively dug on private property around Antietam and South Mountain. I would venture to guess he hit other areas that were part of the 1862 campaign, but I don't know for sure.

While buttons and plates and other relics are my strong suit, I am behind the curve on artillery. Many of you could probably tell me more about this than I could tell you. But I know this much - this is a big mortar frag. It will cost a little more to ship. (Shipping price below is an estimate - if you overpay for shipping, I will either refund your money using check or pay pal. Or you may use it as store credit. If I end up overpaying, I'll cover it.)

Shipping Weight: 4 lbs
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