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Cannonbal Frag From Antietam, Maryland
Item #: JMS-325
Cannonbal Frag From Antietam, Maryland Cannonbal Frag From Antietam, Maryland
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For years, I have had a big bucket of shrapnel in my garage. We sold all the canister shot many years ago but never got around to the frags.

All of these from "the bucket" were recovered in the 70's and early 80's by a digger named Ed Stotler. Ed lived in rural Williamsport, Maryland but exclusively hunted Antietam and South Mountain. I purchased the entire bucket from him in 1983! The South Mountain frags are toward the bottom of the bucket and the Antietam ones are on the top half. He had everything separated by general dig location.

Ed always hunted on private property, with the permission of the owner.

This frag measures a little over 72 mm if you measure from the farthest point to farthest point. It nearly fills the palm of my hand. So it's not tiny, but not a monster either. None of these frags have been treated in any way. These are great items for making up displays, giving to friends or just as conversation pieces on your desk at work.

I estimate this to be from either a 6 pounder or a 12 pounder. Could be US or CS. I can chip via First Class Padded Mailer for $3.00 or Priority Mail Box for $5.00. Just let me know which you prefer.

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