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Beautiful Federal Waist Belt Plate with Stud Hooks
Item #: JMS-308
Beautiful Federal Waist Belt Plate with Stud Hooks Beautiful Federal Waist Belt Plate with Stud Hooks
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This wonderful U.S. buckle has it all -- perfect body curve, a "just-out-of-the-attic" patina, stud or "puppy paw" hooks and 97% lead fill. There is just a touch of lead loss in a couple spots near the rim. I'm a finicky collector when it comes to plates and this wouldn't bother me in the least. You'll notice one small dimple inside the letter "U" on the front. This undoubtedly happened when the plate was actually in use as the patina is very even.

Really fine non-excavated US buckles aren't as easy to find these days as they were even ten or fifteen years ago. I think this one is priced right and would be a terrific centerpiece in your display case, perhaps surrounded by buttons or other plates.

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