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Early Submarine Technology Report
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Early Submarine Technology Report Early Submarine Technology Report Early Submarine Technology Report
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Undoubtedly in preparation for the First World War, this government report was part of a larger collection of imprints dealing with submarine warfare and technology. They were assembled in 1915 and disseminated a year later. During the Great War, the Imperial German and Austro-Hungarian navies had been waging effective submarine warfare with largely only the British to combat them.  During the first ten weeks of the war in 1914, German U-boats sank ten British cruisers. The largest-single loss of life due to a sub attack came in 1916, when an Austro-Hungarian sub sank an Italian troop transport. More than 1600 were killed.
This document is just a small part of the history of undersea warfare. It is a fold-out document but I am leaving it bound and as-is. The buyer is welcome to undo the binding (which, by the way, is not a later addition - this is how these reports were packaged.)


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