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Dug Springfield Bayonet
Item #: JMS-734
Dug Springfield Bayonet Dug Springfield Bayonet Dug Springfield Bayonet
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This relic bayonet was recovered in Corinth, Mississippi and was found on private property, with permission. It has the locking ring and is in great dug condition except for the damage you see in picture #3. The socket took some kind of a blow but I don't know if it was from shrapnel, a bullet or just from a careless soldier. This is why we always say, "Man, I wish this thing could talk!" I have to say it sure looks like battle damage but that could just be me wishing.

The bayonet is clearly a dug piece and not an early pickup or barn-find based on the patina and rust. The pitting is there, but very minor. This is a dug weapon I'd be proud to put in my display case or on my office wall.

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