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Scarce 1850 Entreaty To Congress Concerning Southern Texas
Item #: JMS-832
Scarce 1850 Entreaty To Congress Concerning Southern Texas
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Here's another neat bit of Texas history. It's a 3 page, printed entreaty to the Congress of the United States to recognize a southern chunk of Texas as a U.S. Territory. The proposal was to call it the "Territory of the Rio Grande" and to afford it all the responsibilities and benefits of U.S. territorial status. I don't know the history here but I suspect this was an attempt to remain a part of the USA but breakaway from Texas. From the names of the signers of this request, it would seem to be an effort to establish a territory for former Mexican, Texican or other Latino Americans. It didn't get Congressional approval and little wonder. After all, the country was growing at breakneck speed and so many compromises and treaties were having to be hammered out over issues of slavery, statehood and so forth.
The document is in nearly mint condition considering its age. There is a very small tear of less than a half inch on the back page, not affecting any text or the binding. At some point long ago, the pages were bound with conservator's paper tape. The job was very well done and I don't think should be undone. It doesn't detract in any way from the content or the value of this rare piece.

It's so uncommon for me to encounter pieces of Texas history this far north but I do get requests for "Texiana"...so give this city slicker a holler and let me know how I can help you with your collection! This document would make a great start!


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