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Dug .69 Caliber Confederate Gardner Bullet
Item #: JMS-828
Dug .69 Caliber Confederate Gardner Bullet Dug .69 Caliber Confederate Gardner Bullet Dug .69 Caliber Confederate Gardner Bullet
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This almost-perfect Confederate bullet was recovered from private property, with permission, at Fort Fisher, North Carolina. (I had originally listed this as being from Charleston, but upon checking records...I noted that I had TWO .69 two ringers -- the one with the greyer patina was from Ft. Fisher and the one with the whiter patina, from Charleston,. S.C. Sorry for any confusion!)

This one is a whopper! .69 caliber's worth of angry, rebel lead! I would not want to get hit with this...
The condition is outstanding as you can see in the scans. No major nicks or damage of any kind, just a few little patina chips as is certainly to be expected from a piece of lead buried for almost 150 years. These bullets are quite popular with collectors and are frequently displayed with .69 caliber Union bullets...which I also sell. (Ask if you want one...I have several of the Yankee bullets.)

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