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Uncommon 1830 New York State Militia Document
Item #: JMS-831
Uncommon 1830 New York State Militia Document Uncommon 1830 New York State Militia Document
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Candidly, I am not precisely certain of the purpose for this document. It is a list of officers in the 46th New York Militia and it's signed by Brigadier General Theron Brown. I found a very brief record online matching his name and placing his date of birth (1793) and death (1859) such that it would be hard to imagine this was NOT him. But that's all I know of him, except that his wife was named Clarissa. This is a document that definitely warrants more research. Many officers are named here and I would not be surprised at all to know that some went on to service in the Mexican War or perhaps even the Civil War. On the other hand, some of the older fellows may have served in the War of 1812. This 1830 piece is just between all the great moments in our history and merits a place in the whole story!

The condition is very good but the tears along the folds have been repaired with modern tape. I can recommend an excellent conservator of antique paper if you would like to have this remediated. But because of this, I have priced this still-historic document for a quick sale.
Oh. I almost forgot! The absolute coolest thing about this is what will appeal to collectors of postal history. This document was folded into a stampless letter and sent using a military frank. Very cool. The little hole in the document was left when the wax seal was opened.
New York collectors, this one's for you! And while you're ruminating on this, consider picking up one or more of the really nice pre-Civil War New York Militia buttons I have for sale. They would pair up wonderfully with this item!


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