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Pretty UCV Souvenir Spoon from Texas -- (Sterling)
Item #: JMS-885
Pretty UCV Souvenir Spoon from Texas -- (Sterling)
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This wonderful spoon is a token of the great 1895 United Confederate Veterans' reunion in Houston, Texas. It is almost four and a quarter (4.25) inches long and is in fine antique condition. There is a Sterling marking on the back and also an engraved letter "S" on the handle. You can pretty much see what a beauty this is in the scan, though I think the spoon is even nicer in person. This would display wonderfully with the G.A.R. spoon I also have for sale. I've had them both in the same display case and they seem to be getting along just fine -- no fights or quarrels -- just lots of wonderful, old stories that I can't quite hear. Wish I could!

UCV spoons are far less common than their GAR counterparts, though the GAR spoon we are offering is one of the scarcer and definitely more desirable ones. Someone give them a good home!

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