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Spanish American War Soldier Armed With Krag Rifle
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Spanish American War Soldier Armed With Krag Rifle Spanish American War Soldier Armed With Krag Rifle Spanish American War Soldier Armed With Krag Rifle
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This terrific CDV clearly shows a member of the 2nd US Infantry (see hat emblem) holding his Krag-Jorgensen Rifle and bayonet. The image is quite crisp and finding a SAW photo with an armed soldier is not common. The condition of the carte is VG with some age toning and a minor crease of the botton right hand corner. There is some flaking across the top of the card. None of this affects the image itself. If you look at the back, there are more substantial creases...BUT...they do not show through on the front!
This image is ID'd but in fairly modern ink. I would date the inscription to sometime after the invention of ball point pen -- so I can't put a lot of stock in that. However, the actual name of the soldier is originally in pencil. You can see where someone wrote over it in more modern ink. I have done no research to find out whether this fellow saw action, however it IS probable.
The 2nd U.S. Infantry was deployed to Cuba in 1898 and fought at the Battle of San Juan Hill on the left flank of Teddy Roosevelt's Rough Riders. They also saw action at the Battle of Santiago. In 1899, the unit was sent to the Philippines, putting down the insurrection there. It fought in at least two dozen battles and skirmishes on multiple Philippine Islands.
Here's your chance to obtain an armed, ID'd image from a very hard-fought Span Am regiment!


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