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Great Georgia Local Button with Gilt!
Item #: JMS-973
Great Georgia Local Button with Gilt! Great Georgia Local Button with Gilt!
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Rare Georgia state seal button, dug in a CS camp near Fredericksburg. (On private property, with permission.) This one has one tiny flaw that you really need a loupe to see. It is a manufacturing flaw as I have seen this on this same button, both dug and non-dug in about the same area.  At the top of the button, there is a tiny manufacturing crack -- it cannot be seen from the front or with the naked eye. With a loupe, and from the top, you can see it. The manufacturing crack is about 2 millimeters at most -- hardly noticeable. But I want my clients to know everything about what they are buying. I can tell you this -- I am a very finicky button collector.  And I wouldn't hesitate to put this one in my collection.
This button retains about 15% gilt, which is fairly uncommon for this style. When you encounter these scarce buttons, they usually have no gilt. The shank is perfectly straight and there is beautiful gilt in the crude, blank channel on the back. This button has no pushes, pinholes or repairs of any kind.


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