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Excavated Imperial Russian Bayonet from World War One Era
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Excavated Imperial Russian Bayonet from World War One Era Excavated Imperial Russian Bayonet from World War One Era
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In some respects, this rather looks like a four-sided Austrian Lorenz bayonet from the Civil War.  It was even dug in Northern Virginia! But it's not Civil War.

This sort of bayonet was mostly used by Imperial Russian (Tsarist) forces at the outbreak of the First World War in 1914. It would fit the Russian rifle of the period and not the larger-caliber .54 or .69 Austrian imported during the War Between the States.  Too, the blade (though four-sided) is much, much thinner.  I have snapped a pic of a pencil next to it to give you an idea. I suspect this was an attempt to improve on the Austrian Lorenz concept. 
The real question is -- how did this 1890's -1914 era relic end up in a Civil War campsite in Virginia?  No, I do NOT believe in time travel.  More than likely, this bayonet was brought home by an American serviceman who took part in the 1918 Allied intervention in Russia.  (US, British, French, Serbian and Japanese forces entered Russia in 1918 to aid the White Russian armies against the Bolsheviks.)  The soldier brought this home as a souvenier and it was eventually lost.  That's my best armchair guess.  It could be way off base, but I don't have a better explanation.
Basically, this is for you if you collect World War One material...or if you just like puzzles. 
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