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Dug U.S. Buckle
Item #: JMS-125
Dug U.S. Buckle Dug U.S. Buckle
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This Union waist belt plate is a grade-A example of the scarcer, early-war arrow hook style buckle. We have all heard the general rule that arrow hooks were "introduced" about 1863. After purchasing this plate at a recent show, authors Mike O'Donnell and Howard Crouch (two wonderful gentlemen, extremely well versed on U.S. plates) were intrigued by it. They agreed this was an earlier, possibly pre-war, buckle. It is most likely an H.A. Dingee product.

These are scarcer than your run of the mill U.S. buckle, though to call them "rare" would be a stretch. The hooks are more crude and almost resemble a "spade" on a deck of cards. They are not pointy hooks like you find on most of the post-1863 buckles. The tongue is very nice, and sports attractive beveled edges.

This buckle has a wonderful, super-smooth patina and an almost mirror-like finish. The back has sustained some lead flaking over the years but it is extremely stable now. The plate was metal detected in the 1950's, halfway between Fredericksburg and Stafford, Virginia. Digger Dennis Cox informs me it was recovered in a Second Corps camp.

If you collect U.S. plate variants, or just want a super-clean and tight example of a U.S. buckle for your collection, you'll be 100% satisfied with this relic.

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