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SPECIAL OFFER!!! Scarce Time-Life Gettysburg Volumes
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SPECIAL OFFER!!! Scarce Time-Life Gettysburg Volumes
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Okay, so you walk into any used book store and go straight to the Civil War section. Who doesn't? You look for bargains, books you might not have, etc. Almost every time, you will see a complete or near-complete set of the silver, Time-Life Civil War books, with each priced individually. Sometimes, there will even be two or three sets. These books are everywhere. And individually, they sell for about five bucks a pop. Well worth the money, but they are ubiquitous.

Except for the Gettysburg and Antietam volumes. Especially Gettysburg. Why is that? Did Time-Life print fewer Gettysburg volumes? Certainly not. It's just that a lot of history and Civil War buffs went for that volume in the used book store first. And relic, image and document collectors? I know many who will buy the Gettysburg volume every time they see one -- because the lavish illustrations and maps can be cut out or color-copied and used in sales displays. I think my brother in law has gone through 20 of these over the decades. (He has some wicked-cool displays!)

So here's the deal. I was fortunate enough to land a small number of these Gettysburg books at a decent price. And I can make them available to you. I need to make a couple bucks but I still think my price is decent considering what you find on eBay is usually torn, damaged or sold with five or six other volumes you might not want.

Here's the perfect Christmas gift!

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