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Absolutely First-Rate "from-life" CDV of General Irvin McDowell
Item #: JMS-568
Absolutely First-Rate Absolutely First-Rate
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If you're trying to collect images of every commander of the Army of the Potomac, then here's your McDowell! The CDV is nearly perfect but for what might be some extremely minimal trimming along the bottom. This could also be how the carte was cut originally. The shoulders-up view of the general is stunning and very rich in detail. His name is written in ink on both the front and the back. It is period ink. Also on the verso, in period pencil is the name "McDowell" and in modern pencil, "signed by Gen. McDowell".

Well, sorry. Nowhere on this image is an Irvin McDowell autograph. The previous owner was mistaken. His pencil notation can be easily erased without any damage to the carte. In the upper left of the back side, there is a darker pencil catalog number. You should be able to erase this as well. The image bears a faint maker's mark from Paris, France.

This photo is a must for the collector of Union generals!

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