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The Perfect Accent to Your Colt Collection!
Item #: JMS-562
The Perfect Accent to Your Colt Collection! The Perfect Accent to Your Colt Collection!
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Most collectors will know exactly what I am talking about when I refer to an "accent piece". For instance, you may collect artillery shells. But a letter describing an artillery barrage or a photo of cannon or even just an Artillery button...these are all "accent pieces" for the artillery display.

In this case, we have a very affordable little accent to any collection of Colt firearms. I've been looking for photographs, autographs and letters of Samuel Colt and this little cutie popped up. It's a ca. 1860's-1870's stereoview of a Hartford, Connecticut church. If you look at the bottom of the card, you will see that "Memorial Church of the Good Shepherd" in Hartford was..."Erected by Mrs. Samuel Colt". How cool is that?

This Episcopal church still stands today. It's parish house is named for Caldwell Colt, the only child of Samuel and Mrs. Colt to reach adulthood. Mrs. Colt commissioned construction of the church in 1866 in memory of her husband, who died in 1862. Samuel Colt, of course, is best known for his "Colt's Revolver"...a firearm that Congress, in the 1840's, said was not likely to be reliable or practical. Yet aside from repeating rifles/carbines, the Colt revolver and handguns like it, were heavily depended upon by Cavalry, officers, seamen and others.

The condition on the stereoview is quite good, with only minor age toning and an ancient library stamp on the back. Feel free to ask any questions.

The best thing about this little "accent piece"'s a very wallet-friendly item!

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