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Hand-Colored CDV of General Robert E. Lee
Item #: JMS-56
Hand-Colored CDV of General Robert E. Lee
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This image is in very good condition with no trims, creases or repairs. There is some age toning, but not very much. The back is completely blank. If you would like a scan of it, I can accommodate you. But there are no photographer or vendor markings and also no pencil or ink notations. There is one tiny stain about the size of a bb on the lower right hand corner of the back. This affects absolutely nothing on the front.

Some has written "Genl. Robt. E. Lee CSA" on the front in pencil, a notation certainly done in the 19th century and quite possibly during the war. These images were highly collected even back then.

One might simply presume this to be an average, run-of-the-mill Lee, as there are no Richmond maker's marks on the verso. And one would be correct! With one exception. lol

Someone has painstakingly hand-colored the stars on Marse Robert's collar and the buttons on his coat with gold color. This, while not super-rare, is nonetheless far less common than a standard, unmarked CDV. This image would frame wonderfully with a clip signature of the General or a photo of Arlington House or some other place significant in the career of the general.

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