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Wonderful Soldier's Letter - Colorful, Scarce Letterhead
Item #: JMS-558
Wonderful Soldier's Letter - Colorful, Scarce Letterhead Wonderful Soldier's Letter - Colorful, Scarce Letterhead Wonderful Soldier's Letter - Colorful, Scarce Letterhead Wonderful Soldier's Letter - Colorful, Scarce Letterhead
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If you want to own just one representative example of a typical Civil War soldier's letter, this is the one to get. The content is decent and it reflects the sort of information you find in MOST soldier's letters. (More on content below.)

What is NOT typical about this letter is the letterhead. It's the vibrantly-colored "Spirit of '76" motif featuring a guard, Old Glory, tents, a stack of arms and a cannon. If you want the perfect accent for a camp desk display, imagine how cool this would look along with a period pen, inkwell, eyeglasses & case, and maybe a few different patriotic envelopes (which we also carry!). This would also accent a collection of Civil War ambrotypes! Why? We'll get to that under "Content"...

The letter is in ink, dated March 14th, 1862 and was written from the field headquarters of the 3rd New York Infantry by Pvt. William DuBois of Company G. DuBois enlisted at Albany in January of 1862 and was mustered out in mid-December of 1864. Members of this regiment are known to have worn a zouave uniform with a navy blue jacket, blue pantaloons, and a red fez with a blue tassel. The regiment took part in the siege of Suffolk; was heavily engaged in the attacks on Fort Wagner; and saw action around Folly Island and Charleston. Later, the 3rd would head back to Virginia where they were engaged in the battles of Drewry's Bluff, Cold Harbor, Petersburg (including "The Crater"), Ft. Harrison and Darbytown Road. In late 1864, these men were sent to North Carolina where they went into battle at Ft. Fisher, Ft. Anderson and Wilmington.

CONTENT is quite typical but does contain a surprise. DuBois mentions to his sister (the recipient of the letter) that he had some time off to go into Baltimore to have two ambrotypes taken! He adds that the images were not as good as he had hoped they would be. He also requests that his sister send him her ambrotype. He goes on to say a large military parade is planned for General Dix and his staff. DuBois says it will be a "very nice affair" for those who look at it. But adds that for the men of the 3rd it will be "a very tiresome march".

He signs the letter: "Your affectionate brother, Wm. DuBois"

A full transcript will accompany this letter. The document is in excellent condition with no stains and a tear that is only a couple of centimeters at the top of the fold. This item would be a perfect gift for the friend or family member who has always been entranced by Civil War history, but has never dreamed that he or she might one day own an actual piece of the same. Very affordable!

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