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Choice, Non-Dug US Waist Belt Plate
Item #: JMS-536
Choice, Non-Dug US Waist Belt Plate Choice, Non-Dug US Waist Belt Plate Choice, Non-Dug US Waist Belt Plate
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This one is right in every respect. Hooks, lead, face - no monkey business here, guaranteed. There is some scratching in the lead but this is very old and may date to the war and may be because of use by the soldier. The face has that true non-excavated character collectors love...showing use, but not abuse. Good body curve. As you can see there is a tiny bend or wave at one point on the rim but this is almost not worth mentioning.

One of the nicest US plates I have had in some time. I also have a great non-dug US with stud hooks. It would pair wonderfully with this one to show the two varieties.
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