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Early-Pattern Sharps Carbine Bullet from Manassas
Item #: JMS-521
Early-Pattern Sharps Carbine Bullet from Manassas Early-Pattern Sharps Carbine Bullet from Manassas Early-Pattern Sharps Carbine Bullet from Manassas
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One relatively inexpensive way to collect is to try and assemble a display of bullets from a particular class, subset or "brand". Sharps produced a lot of variants and bullet designs for their rifles and carbines. And most of these bullets are quite affordable. (There are, of course, some higher end ones if you really want to go deep.) But a nice display of the more common Sharps bullets would be fun and educational.

Here, we have a good place to start. This is the early-pattern bullet for the Sharps carbine in .54 caliber. It's a common bullet most often found in early war camps and battlefields. This one was dug on private property, with permission, in camp near the Manassas battlefield. It's in very good, dropped condition. I have this one, and two others, if you want to buy more than 1.

Other Sharps bullets you might consider are the "Short" (I have just a few perfect one), the "ringtail" (I have quite a few perfect ones and some other mid-grade to good ones), the "I-base" (only a few in stock but they're nice!), the "Richmond Labs Sharps" (I have a lot that are in good shape but no minty-perfect ones)...there are also flat and dimple base Sharps (I have some of those) and if you want to spend a little more, you can get Sharps slanting breech, Sharps multi-ring and British pattern Sharps bullets.

All in all, a really cool collecting idea that I hope someone goes for. This bullet will get you started for under ten bucks! Can't beat that!

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