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Superb, Coat-Size Pennsylvania Button
Item #: JMS-511
Superb, Coat-Size Pennsylvania Button Superb, Coat-Size Pennsylvania Button Superb, Coat-Size Pennsylvania Button
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This gem is definitely Civil War. This particular "Superior Quality" backmark dates to 1860. So many Pennsylvania buttons are transitional or post-war, but this one clearly was made before or very early in the War Between the States.

The button has no defects (pushes, holes, repairs) and is entirely original. It has not been re-backed or re-shanked. I wish my pictures were more crisp but you may ask any other dealer or collector you trust who has done business with me -- I am a man of my word. You will love this button or your money back. And *I* will pay the shipping for your return!

There is some dirt along the rim of the button due to attic storage. It could be cleaned easily. That said, I rather like my non-dug buttons this way. They look completely untouched since the war. It will be up to the proud new owner of this button to decide whether "to clean or not to clean". (After all, "that IS the question"...)

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