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Beautiful South Carolina Cuff Button
Item #: JMS-465
Beautiful South Carolina Cuff Button Beautiful South Carolina Cuff Button Beautiful South Carolina Cuff Button
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This non-excavated SC13 cuff button is in great shape. Lavishly gilted, the SC13 is the variant without the letters "S" and "C" flanking the palmetto tree. The shank is perfectly straight and there are no dents, holes, pushes, cracks or repairs of any sort.

The back mark is partially obliterated - this may have happened in production. But you can read enough of it to know it's a Scovill product of the 1850-1860 period. I can't quite make it out (maybe you can) but I believe this is the button where "Waterbury" is spelled "Waterbur." (No "Y".)

If I collected non-dug buttons, I'd be proud to add this little 13mm - 14mm gem to my display!

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