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Quite Displayable GAR Ticket
Item #: JMS-428
Quite Displayable GAR Ticket Quite Displayable GAR Ticket
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I have four of these GAR tickets in total. Two are "about perfect" and are available as JMS-429 for $10.95 each. This one - JMS-428 - is still in really good condition. There's just a very minor stain along one side of the ticket (visible front and back). It is almost not worth mentioning but accurate descriptions are very important to my clients.

There is only one of these tickets -- the one you see pictured -- in this condition. Still pretty darn nice. There is a fourth ticket in rough shape that I have listed as JMS-427.

These are fun little items to display with a GAR medal, a couple photos, a button and maybe a GAR sword belt plate. I can't help but wish I had a time machine to go back and listen to the old fellows tell their stories!

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