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Grouping of Five Civil War Infantry Cuff Buttons
Item #: JMS-419
Grouping of Five Civil War Infantry Cuff Buttons Grouping of Five Civil War Infantry Cuff Buttons
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The bargain price below is for all five -- these buttons retail from 12-15 a piece with this backmark. The "D. Evans Superfine" backmark is absolutely appropriate in a Civil War button collection. Evans began using that mark in 1860 and continued until a few years after the Civil War. My conviction is that if a button was made before, during and after the war, it's classified as "Civil War". I only consider buttons made from mid-1865 onward to be Indian War buttons. I've seen this backmark pop out of digger's holes in several Civil War sites.

These are, of course, non-excavated and I would say are in mint condition...but for the fact that the backs of a couple need a cleaning and a couple of the backmarks are a bit worn. But if a mint button grades at A+, then these are a solid A. This lot would be perfect if you need vest or cuff buttons for your shell jacket.

Extremely bright gilt! On a few of the buttons, it looks like there are darker, gilt-less areas at about two o'clock. That is not the case. It's just how the camera took the photo, combined with lighting and time of day. If you're unsatisfied with these buttons, just return them for a full refund. We can ship them in a Priority Mail box or in a padded mailer, well-insulated with bubble wrap. Whichever the lucky buyer prefers!

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