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Choice Condition Starr Carbine Bullets
Item #: JMS-379
Choice Condition Starr Carbine Bullets Choice Condition Starr Carbine Bullets Choice Condition Starr Carbine Bullets
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Of all the possible bullets one might collect, for reasons I cannot entirely explain, the Starr is my favorite. Such a simple design! Here are two of these wonderful bullets in perfect dropped condition. One has a more chalky-white patina and the other, a brownish patina with some dirt still clinging to the lead.

The price below is for ONE of these bullets. I see them anywhere from four dollars to twelve dollars depending on the web site. Seldom are they this nice and almost always, they come from a bucket where it's "dealer's choice". You get to pick which one of these you want...or you can buy both.

These were each recovered on private property in the Martinsburg, West Virginia area.

Merrills and Burnsides still seem plentiful. Most Sharps bullets are, too. Stars, Smiths and Gallaghers are getting a little more difficult. You'll be very happy with either or both of these.

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