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Dug Cuff-Link or Fob Attachment
Item #: JMS-340
Dug Cuff-Link or Fob Attachment Dug Cuff-Link or Fob Attachment
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This cute little relic is either a cuff-link (that's what most of my dealer buddies think) or an attachment to a watch fob of some sort (the minority opinion).

I really don't know. It's about .75" from end to end and, as you can see in the picture, it's been all twisted up. I've no idea why this was done. It's tempting to think a bored soldier was just passing the time but I am not sure why he'd be wearing cuff-links! It's a curiosity and a mystery all rolled into one.

This relic was metal-detected along Antietam Creek, but outside NPS property.

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