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Exacavated 19 mm Union Navy Button - Flattened!
Item #: JMS-312
Exacavated 19 mm Union Navy Button - Flattened! Exacavated 19 mm Union Navy Button - Flattened!
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Here's a little button that tells a story. While it's certainly possibly that a horse or wagon wheel flattened this button, it was also common for soldiers and sailors to use buttons as poker chips and game pieces. As evenly pressed down as this specimen is, I strongly suspect the latter scenario. Best of all, the button retains 98% gilt and still has the shank.

This was recovered between Chancellorsville and Spotsylvania. The private property owner granted permission for the digger to excavate on his/her land.

Here's button that will be an inexpensive but really fun relic to show friends.

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