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Dug Harmonica Reed
Item #: JMS-309
Dug Harmonica Reed Dug Harmonica Reed
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These are very common relics but over half of them are found in pieces. This harmonica reed is whole and has a lovely excavated patina. Oddly enough, in 37 years of collecting...I have never owned one. I guess I always passed them by in favor of "sexier" relics. But as I think about it now, something like this was a big part of the story of the Civil War. This was how a Johnny or Billy passed those ponderous hours in camp. It might have been all the accompaniment available for a religious service. Perhaps it brought a bit of laughter, lightness or comfort into an otherwise fearful existence.

The simple harmonica reed. Not a bad thing to have in a collection at all. This particular relic was recovered from private property with the kind permission of the landowner near Chancellorsville, Virginia.

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