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1864 Confederate Postal Receipt In Good Condition
Item #: JMS-307
1864 Confederate Postal Receipt In Good Condition
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This appx. 5" x 5" receipt is a commonly encountered Confederate document, but one that belongs in any Civil War or Confederate paper collection as a representative example. Note the crude, later-war paper. It's in pretty good shape considering the age and quality of the paper.

The receipt explains that four letters were sent from Canton, Mississippi for a cost of either .47 or .49 cents. I can't quite tell if that last number is a 7 or a 9. Some of these have the ink signature of the postmaster but others, like this one, simply pre-printed his "John Hancock". Or, in this case -- "R.A. Hundley".

In addition to the Civil War or Confederate paper collector, this item would have great interest to collectors of American postal history. There are also collectors who enjoy trying to find one of these from every Southern state. So if you're that person and you need "Mississippi", then here you go!

Best of all, it's a piece of CSA history that's very budget-friendly.

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