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Carved Musket Nipple Protector
Item #: JMS-304
Carved Musket Nipple Protector Carved Musket Nipple Protector
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These little relics are an important part of a Civil War collection, because they demonstrated the ingenuity of the common soldier. Basically, this is a bullet or piece of lead that some soldier - north or south, both sides did this - carved in his spare time. Soldiers also carved game pieces, religious symbols, corps badges and more - I have even seen a carved molar! My dentist would be horrified!

But the nipple protector was made so that it could rest between the hammer of a rifle-musket or carbine and the fragile nipple which, in combat, held the firing cap. When not being used, soldiers wanted the hard hammer and hard nipple to have some softer lead in between. It was believed this extended the life of the nipple and it probably did.

These are not uncommon relics but this example is an uncommonly good one. It's actually nicer than the one in my collection. It was dug in Petersburg, Virginia and was found on private property.

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