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General Order Issued to Independent Boston Fusiliers
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General Order Issued to Independent Boston Fusiliers General Order Issued to Independent Boston Fusiliers
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A basic general order in excellent condition for the local militia that became Company G of the 1st Massachusetts Infantry in the Civil War. For a couple months in 1861, a portion of the IBF was actually attached to the 2nd Michigan under Capt. G.R. Brethschneider. They were engaged at Blackburn's Ford, arguably the first skirmish of the Civil War in Virginia. There, Company G especially suffered serious casualties. The regiment, including Company G, went on to fight in many battles of the Army of the Potomac.
This document is simply an order for as many men of the I.B.F. to report to the armory for a discussion of the militia's future. The I.B.F. outlasted the Civil War, as another document from 1873 attests. We also have that one for sale in the Indian Wars category.


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