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Three Ringer with Unusually Thick Skirt
Item #: JMS-246
Three Ringer with Unusually Thick Skirt Three Ringer with Unusually Thick Skirt Three Ringer with Unusually Thick Skirt
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This is a gorgeous bullet. At first, I thought it was the garden-variety .58 three ringer. And I suppose it is - I know I have seen this variation before. It's just a tad unusual since the skirt is thicker than what you see on most .58's. I'm real good at ID'ing the better known bullets, carbine bullets, etc. But these variations on the three ringer represent a bit more of a learning curve for me. I know I'll get there eventually.

This one has a perfect patina and lots of Northern Virginia dirt. It was dug up in Chantilly with the kind permission of the landowner.


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