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Great Wormed Example of a Type Three Cleaner
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Great Wormed Example of a Type Three Cleaner Great Wormed Example of a Type Three Cleaner
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These were less than effective bullets when it came to cleaning out musket barrels and apparently, they jammed quite a bit. I have seen so many Williams Cleaner bullets of all three types with evidence (as in this instance) of having been removed from the barrel via bullet screw. The first picture shows this is clearly what happened. The second is the bullet itself, appearing to have been partially fired. A really cool relic demonstrating that sometimes the "improvements" we make end up representing temporary setbacks!

The cleaner bullets were an attempt to pragmatically clean the gunk out of the musket barrel after so many rounds. The Type 1 was a longer bullet with a zinc washer attached. It proved less than effective, so the military switched to Type 2, which was basically the same bullet & washer configuration...but with a fin attached to the bottom of the bullet. This ostensibly held the washer more securely. The one you see pictured here is Type 3...same caliber, of course, but a shorter, stumpier version of the Type 2. (Let me know, and I can set you up with one of each -- non-wormed -- for around 20 bucks.) I'm not sure these were ever terribly effective, but they are an essential part of any Civil War bullet collection.

This bullet (and all the Type 3's I presently have in stock) were dug up in the vicinity of Harper's Ferry, with permission from the private land owner.


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